Millburn Short Hills Scholastic Boosters


P.O. Box 42, Millburn, NJ 07041

“Since 1947, making a critical difference in the academic lives, and, ultimate, the
professional lives of worthy young people from our community.”

Relentless tuition increases at both public and private universities, along with the nation’s uncertain economy, have intensified the difficulty many students face in assembling a college financial package. Even with recent reforms that eliminated bank fees from the federal student loan program, more and more students and their families must contend with formidable funding challenges. 

Since the first effort in 1947, the Scholastic Boosters has raised and made more than $1 million grants to more than 970 young people in our town.

Unlike government and private loans, The Boosters’ support need not be repaid. Every student—and their family—who receives a Boosters Grant has already proven willing to put himself or herself under considerable financial obligations that will follow them well past their college years. 

Today, the ability of the Scholastic Boosters to provide these grants to deserving students depends upon the continuing generosity of township residents and businesses. Tax deductible donations of any size—and employer matches, whenever available—are greatly appreciated. Those interested can make a donation using the PayPal button below or by mailing a check to:   

Millburn-Short Hills Scholastic Boosters Inc.  
P.O. Box 42  
Millburn, NJ 07041